Comport NV, Commewijne Port Facility, is a future Offshore Supply Base (OSB) for the Offshore Oil and Gas industry in Suriname.

ComPort NV is being set up in Suriname to specifically address the needs of the offshore oil and gas sector, to progressively expand with the industry as is needed, and to maximize the creation of local content and participation in the emerging Surinamese offshore energy sector. ComPort NV has been established by a group of local entrepreneurs, with close to 60 years cumulative leadership experience in engineering, construction, marine operations, building materials and finance. 

ComPort NV is located in the wide estuary of the Suriname and Commewijne rivers, close to the Suriname river fairway and the Atlantic coast, with ample surrounding real estate for shore base expansion and for establishing a zone for industry dedicated to offshore supplies and services.

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